drinking fountain


In the spring of 2008, the Greater Litchfield Preservation Trust entered into collaboration with the Litchfield Garden Club to restore the old drinking fountain on Litchfield’s Center Green.

After initial inspection, it became obvious that to restore the 1950’s fountain and repair the water line to it would be much more expensive and less efficient than replacing the fountain and its waterworks.

Luckily a “new” drinking fountain was located that closely resembled the old one and the project took shape.  GLPT Board members L.J. Skie and Victoria Sansing took responsibility for coordinating with the Water Company, the installation of a new water line and “shut off” valve.

The Litchfield Garden Club purchased the new fountain and oversaw its installation.  The project was a perfect example of organizational collaboration for community good.

The fountain was dedicated in the spring of 2009 and turned on for the first time in decades.  Subsequently, the old fountain was donated to the Litchfield Historical Society for historic preservation.