The Greater Litchfield Preservation Trust was founded in 1982 as the successor to organizations dedicated to the preservation of Litchfield’s historic architecture and distinctive character.  These predecessor organizations include Save the Courthouse, led by Tom Williams in 1976, the Village Improvement Program, led by Sonia (“Sunny”) Seherr-Thoss in 1976, and the Committee of Action for a Living Litchfield, led by Victoria Sansing in 1982.

The Trust’s seminal event was the 1974 decision of the United Postal Service to relocate from the Josiah Beckwith Building, which it had outgrown, to a modern, purpose-built building to be located outside of the Borough.  Fearing the disintegration of community spirit and sense of identity which can result from the loss of such a cohesive and vibrant element of the community, concerned citizens banded to retain the Post Office in the heart of town.  Adversity can be destructive or it can build character.  The Greater Litchfield Preservation Trust provides an enduring vehicle for citizens committed to the latter.  As future adversities challenge succeeding generations, the Trust will serve as a foundry for creative solutions and as a treasury for their implementation.